Olímpica XV  
  Grey mare. Height: 1.69. Among other excellent characteristics we have to point out her head and subconvex profile, which got one of the highest marks ever given by the “Tribunal Calificador de Reproductores” (National Stud Court). She transmits these characteristics to all her offspring.  
  Very dark brown mare. Her origins are mostly Military farm, hers is the same bloodline as Cesar´s. Despite her youth, her offspring have already got several prizes in morphology contests.  
  Grey mare, very tall, her morphology is almost perfect. Her origins are Vizconde de la Montesina and Military farm. She transmits all her characteristics to her descendants. Both she and her son were finalists in the 2003 Championship of Spain.  
  Filipina IV  
  Mare with excellent origins that transmits her extraordinary strength and functionality to her descendants.  
  Panadera XVIII  
  Brown mare. Very tall. Direct descendant of Albero II and excellent sire. All her daughters stay in our farm as future mothers.  
  Young mare, daughter of Jerjes. Bloodline: Ocle. Her movement and lightness are spectacular. Here she is breastfeeding her daughter.  
  Extremely noble mare. Her descendants are very tall, with excellent character and predisposition to any type of work.