Our farm is located in Cartagena (Murcia), an ancient city on the Mediterranean Sea, which creates the ideal climate conditions for the breeding of PRE (Andalusian). Most of our mares descend from Albero II, sire of numerous champions, and whose heredity has been transmitted to our present offspring.

Several stallions from the Military Remount Service* have contributed to improving our bloodline even more. The most noted of these stallions is Jerjes, considered by the Spanish Remount  Service as the noblest, most talented and most representative of the breed among all the horses they own at the moment; Obcecado son of Bizarro XIV and brother of olympian Oleaje; Deco son of Levitón and brother of the also olympian Evento.

With all these “ingredients” we have managed to combine strength, functionality, movement, the much desired subconvex profiles, as well as extraordinary elevations and lightness. All these characteristics give our horses impressive morphological beauty, as well as the right flair for any equestrian discipline, including Rejoneo, or horseback bullfighting. This is an ancient tradition where horses with non-defined origins used to take part, however nowadays the elegance and predisposition of the PRE horses make them more and more popular in Rejoneo.

On our farm we have the 4 predominant colors in PRE (Andalusian): black, chestnut, alazana (blonde) and torda (grey).